Wave propagation in complex media
Propagation d'ondes en milieux complexes

Cargèse, Corsica, August 17th to 28th, 2015

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Invited speakers

Mathias Fink
          Wave control with time boundary manipulations
          Lecture :Fink.pdf (soon on line)

Didier Felbacq
          Bloch waves
          Lecture : Felbacq.pdf

Yves Aurégan
          Acoustical propagation with flow
          Lecture : Auregan.pdf

Giorgos Tsironis
          Extreme Waves and Branching Flows in Optical Media
          Lecture : Tsironis_1.pdf, Tsironis_2.pdf,

Philippe Lalanne
          Plasmonics: a few basics & Light interaction with resonance modes
          Lecture : Lalanne.pdf

Philippe Roux
          Surface wave inversion with array processing in an acoustic waveguide
          Lecture : Roux.pdf

Didier Clamond
          Modeling water waves beyond perturbations
          Lecture : Clamond.pdf

Sébastien Guenneau
          Transformational acoustics and homogenization in structured plates
          Lecture : Guenneau.pdf

Michael Berhanu
          Wave Turbulence of Gravity-capillary surface waves
          Lecture : Berhanu.pdf

Vincent Rey
          Interference process and gravity wave focusing : application to shore protection and energy power device
          Lecture : Rey_1.pdf, Rey_2.pdf

Pablo Cobelli
          Laboratory experiments of water waves
          Lecture : Cobelli.pdf

Francisco Ocampo-Torres
          Wind-Sea and Swell in Opposite Directions
          Lecture : OcampoTorrese.pdf

Diane Henderson
          Mechanisms and consequences of dissipation in water waves
          Lecture : Henderson-damping.pdf
          Inverting pressure to obtain surface displacement in the water wave problem
          Lecture : Henderson-pressure.pdf

Michel Benoit
          Development and validation of a phase-resolving potential-flow model for nonlinear and dispersive waves in coastal areas
          Lecture : Benoit_1.pdf
          On the modelling of non-resonant interactions in phase-averaged equations for water waves
          Lecture : Benoit_2.pdf

Amin Chabchoub
          The Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation and the Dynamics of Coherent Structures
          Lecture : Chabchoub.pdf

Paul Milewski
          Three dimensional localised solitary waves: the Flexural-Gravity and Capillary-Gravity examples
          Lecture : Milewski_1.pdf, Milewski_2.pdf
          Modelling Faraday wave-droplet experiments: a hydrodynamic quantum analogue
          Lecture : Milewski_3.pdf, Milewski_4.pdf,

Richard Porter
          Trapped waves along coastlines and around islands
          Lecture : Porter_1.pdf,
          Cloaking of water waves
          Lecture : Porter_2.pdf

Gerassimos Athanassoulis
          A unified approach to non-linear water waves over arbitrary bathymetry based on Luke.s variational principle
          Lecture : Athanassoulis.pdf

Kostas Belibassakis
          Wave propagation in inhomogeneous, layered waveguides based on modal expansions and hp-FEM (with application to ocean acoustics and scattering of water waves)
          Lecture : Belibassakis.pdf

Bernard Molin
          Some nonlinear effects in wave body interaction
          Lecture : Molin.pdf

Guillaume Ducrozet
          High-Order Spectral methods for nonlinear waves modeling
          Lecture : Ducrozet.pdf

Christian Kharif
          Rogue waves in the ocean
          Lecture : Kharif.pdf, Kharif_video_1.avi, Kharif_video_2.avi



The summer school will be held in the Institut d’études scientifiques de Cargèse (IESC), an Institute devoted to this type of meetings. It is located close to the beach at walking distance (20 min. via the main road, 15 min. via a 'goat path') from the village of Cargèse.
Lunch for all participants will be served at the Institute (except during the weekend).


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Tourism information center of Cargese


Institut d’études scientifiques de Cargèse (IESC)


All e-mail should be sent to wave2015@espci.fr


Please go to the Cargese web site,


Registration fees

There is no registration fees.
Accommodations, meals and travel will be at your own expense.
Lodging and lunches (for the 9 working days) should be paid at the Institute. Purchase order (Bon de commande) may be used to cover your lunches and lodging.
See below for prices.


Housing, for the duration of the course only, will be arranged by the staff of the Institute following, as much as possible, your preferences. The accomodation is based on a package for the 2 weeks (exceptionnaly for one week). It includes 11 (or 12) nights, 9 lunches (11 € including taxes).

* Shared room in the Institute or in the village : 31.65 € per night including taxes.
* Individual room in the Institute or in the village : 41.86 € per night including taxes.
* Accompagnying person: 31.65 € (adult) or 24.50 € (children) per night
- 11 nights in a shared room from 17th to 28th (11 x 31.65 € + 9 x 11 € = 447.15 € (including taxes, 431 € HT)
- 11 nights in a indivudual room from 17th to 28th (11 x 41.86 € + 9 x 11 € = 559.46 € (including taxes, 541 € HT)

A mail will be sent to all participants to ask for preferences. Please do not send any request concerning the housing before that.

Lunch for all participants will be served at the Institute (except during the weekend).
Lunches for accompanying persons are possible.

Travel information

Because of the other summer schools before and after this one, it is not possible to come to the Institute before or to stay after the meeting. You should arrive on the afternoon of Monday 17th August, and leave your appartment Friday 28th afternoon (or at the latest Saturday 29th before 10 AM). Ajaccio can be reached by plane from Paris, Marseille or Nice, and by boat from Marseille, Nice or Genova.

A free bus transfer will be organized from the airport to Cargèse (1h trip) on monday 17th around 14:30.
A free bus transfer will be organized from Cargese to the airport (1h trip) on Friday 28th around 13:00 (to be adapted as function of scheddules).


Public bus are also possible from Ajaccio to Cargèse (buspublic.pdf). Be careful: this bus leaves and goes to Ajaccio Gare Routière. There are schuttles from the airport and the “gare routière”.

Be careful : the school starts at the same time as the big rush for summer holidays in France. It may be difficult to get a reasonable price for your flight/boat to Ajaccio if you wait too long.

The institute is located on the seashore of the island of Corsica, 50 km north of Ajaccio, 2 km south of Cargèse, a pleasant village of considerable charm and historic interest.
If you cannot take the special bus ordered by the school, you will have to go to Cargèse by yourself.
There are regular buses from Ajaccio bus station to Cargèse, but there might be only one bus per day and maybe not during weekend.
The bus station, which is also the maritime station, can be reached via a shuttle from the airport. Ajaccio bus station phone number : (33) (0)4 95 51 55 45.
A taxi can be booked through the Institute at the rate of 100 Euros or 130 Euros at night.
Car rental at preferential rates is available through the Institut.
If you drive to Cargese, from Ajaccio, follow the direction "Calvi par la côte" (or "Calvi" when missing).


List of participants (participants.pdf).

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