Permanent members 

        David Quéré

Research Director, CNRS

        Christophe Clanet

Research Director, CNRS

        Camille Duprat

Assistant Professor


        Nicolas Lavielle

since January 2016

        Caroline Cohen

since May 2016

        Veronica Raspa

since May 2016

        Vincent Bacot

since March 2017

Ph.D students

        Martin Coux

3rd year

        Daniel Beilharz

3rd year

        Romain Labbé

3rd year

        Armelle Keiser

3rd year

        Pierre Chantelot

3rd year

        Marine Borocco

3rd year

        Jean-Philippe Boucher

3rd year

        Ambre Bouillant

2nd year

        Joachim Delannoy

2nd year

        Pierre Lecointre

2nd year

        Thibault Guillet

2nd year

        Saurabh Nath

1st year

        Tom Maddalena

1st year

Former Ph.D. students

        Timothée Mouterde

Multifunctional materials: anti-rain, anti-fog, anti-reflection

defended in March 2017

        Eline Dehandschoewercker

Surfing Physics

defended in October 2016

        Hélène de Maleprade

Functional textures

defended in September 2016

        Philippe Bourrianne

Non-wetting situations in temperature

defended in June 2016

        Emmanuel du Pontavice

Kite physics

defended in April 2016

        Anaïs Gauthier

Dynamic Hydrophobicity and hydrophobic Dynamics

defended in October 2015

        Pierre-Brice Bintein

Drops on fibers

defended in January 2015

        Dan Soto

Non-wetting drops : from impacts to self-propulsion

defended in October 2014

        Raphaële Thévenin

Active Superhydrophobicity

defended in October 2014

        Caroline Cohen

Physics of Sport

defended in September 2014

        Pascal Raux

Mobile interfaces : non-wetting drop friction and front dynamics

defended in December 2013

        Baptiste Darbois-Texier

Tartaglia, Zigzag et Flips : dense particules at high Reynolds number

defended in October 2013

        Guillaume Dupeux

Propulsion and friction of non wetting objects

defended in September 2013

        Adrien Benusiglio

Indiscreet traces at the surface

defended in June 2013

        Alexandre Ponomarenko

Critical flows and plants

defended in March 2012

        Mélanie Durth

Dynamiques d'Aspirations d'Interfaces Complexes

defended in March 2012

        Keyvan Piroird

Special dynamics of non-wetting droplets

defended in October 2011

        Jacopo Seiwert

Viscous coatings

defended in September 2010

        Marie Le Merrer

Dissipation at interfaces: Leidenfrost effect, wakes, viscous threads

defended in September 2010

        Guillaume Lagubeau

Granular interfaces

defended in January 2010

        Anne Le Goff

Complex impacts on liquid interfaces

defended in December 2009

        Étienne Reyssat

Drops, films, jets: when flows model interfaces

defended in 2007

        Mathilde Callies-Reyssat

The lotus effect

defended in 2007

        François Caillé

Bubble wake of a ship

defended in 2007

        Virginie Duclaux

Pulmonary occlusions, Aneurysm : physical approach in physiology

defended in 2006

        Anne-Laure Biance

Inertial drops: from calefaction to spreading

defended in 2004

        Élise Lorenceau

Interfaces at large deformation: oscillations, impacts, singularities

defended in 2003

        Pascale Aussillous

Liquid marbles

defended in 2002

        José Bico

Mechanisms of impregnation: textured surfaces, slugs, porous media

defended in 2000

        Denis Richard

Non-wetting situations

defended in 2000

        Alain de Ryck

Dynamical wetting of a fiber

defended in 1994

Former Post-docs

        Evan Spruijt

Liquid spreading and removal on textured surfaces


        Cunjing Lv

Non-wetting liquid ribbons


        Joaquim Li

Drying of a colloïdal suspension


        David Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Morphodynamics of cellular barchans


        Pauline Vandoolaeghe

Drying of a colloïdal suspension


        Caroline Parneix

Making mineral films by dip-coating and drying colloïdal suspensions


        Sébastien Saint-Jean

Vegetal superhydrophobicity

2005 - 2006

        Frédéric Chevy

Waves and jellyfishes

2002 - 2003

        Aurélie Lafuma

Superhydrophobicity and impregnation

2001 - 2002

        Frédéric Restagno

Interfaces at large deformation

2001 - 2002


Former Visitors

        Hanneke Gelderblom

Physics of kite

Physics of Fluids, University of Twente


        Robert E.Cohen

Visiting Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT


        Laurent Maquet

Elastic surf

Université de Liège, Belgique


        Martin Brandenbourger

Electrically charged droplets

Université de Liège, Belgique


        Maria Yokota

Coating of superhydrophobic fibers

Université Ochanumizu, Tokyo, Japon


        Tsutomu Furuta

Friction on superhydrophobic drops

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japon


        Laust Tophøj

Impacts on liquid films

Université Technique du Danemark (DTU Fysik), Kongens Lyngby, Danemark


        Chieko Ishino

Impregnation of textured surfaces

Université Ochanumizu, Tokyo, Japon

2005 - 2006

        Maniya Maleki

Visco-capillary phenomena

Institute for Advanced Studies for Basic Sciences, Zanjan, Iran

2003 - 2006

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