Damien Vandembroucq


10, rue Vauquelin

75231 Paris Cedex 05


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PhD Students

Jean-Thomas Fonné
co-advised with E. Gouillart, Laboratoire SVI, CNRS/Saint-Gobain
Surface Texturation by phase separation in thin layer

Botond Tyukodi
co-advised with Z. Néda, Univ. Babes-Bolyai, Cluj, Romania
Depinning models for wetting and amorphous plasticity

Nicolas Algarra
co-advised with E.Kolb, laboratoire PMMH
Penetration of a flexible intruder in a model grnular medium


Xavier Buet
co-advised with Matteo Ciccotti, laboratoire PPMD, ESPCI and Gilles Tessier, Neurophotonics Lab, Université Paris descartes
Surface roughness of Photonic Band-Gap fibres

Reinaldo Garcia Garcia
co-advised with Lev Truskinovsky, LMS, Ecole Polytechnique
Out-of-equiibrium fluctuations in plasticity and turbulence

Former PhD Students and PostDocs

David Bouttes
(with Emmanuelle Gouillart)
3D imaging of domain growth phase-separated glasses by X-ray tomography
Now Research engineer with Saint-Gobain, Cavaillon, France

Coralie Brun

(with M. Ciccotti and G. Tessier)

Surface roughness of Photonic Band-Gap fibre

Now enginer at Meetsysn


Sylvain Patinet

(with Véronique Lazarus)

Crack propagation in heterogeneous interfaces

now CNRS researcher, laboratoire PMMH


Mehdi Talamali

(with Stéphane Roux)

A mesoscopic model for amorphous plasticity

now consultant with Deloitte, Montreal, Canada.


Antoine Perriot

(with Etienne Barthel)

Contact mechanics at thin layers on silica glass

Now Engineer with Michelin


Stéphanie Deboeuf

Plasticity of amorphous solids

Now CNRS researcher at Institut d'Alemebert, UPMC


Viljo Petäjä

Plasticity of amorphous solids

Now enginer at Varian Medical System, Finland