Presentations of Laurette Tuckerman


  • Mean flows and frequency prediction in cylinder wakes and thermosolutal convection (pdf)

  • Faraday instability on a sphere (pdf)

  • Turbulent-laminar patterns in Couette flow plenary talk (pdf)

  • Turbulent-laminar patterns in Poiseuille flow (pdf)

  • Faraday instability plenary talk (pdf)

  • The Self Sustaining Process and Taylor-Couette flow (pdf)

  • Convection in a cylindrical geometry: multiplicity and waves (pdf)

  • Amplitudes from Eigenvalues (pdf)
  • Movies

  • Transition to turbulence in wall-bounded shear flows, with D. Barkley
    Formation of turbulent-laminar bands in plane Couette flow (mov)

  • Time-dependent Rayleigh-Benard convection in a cylinder, with K. Boronska
    Standing waves: top view (gif) and side view (gif) .
    Traveling waves: top view (gif) and side view (gif) .

  • Numerical simulation of Faraday waves, with N. Perinet and D. Juric
    Square pattern (avi) and hexagonal pattern (avi)