Anke Lindner - CV




August 2015

Our work on "Deformation and shape of flexible, micronscale helices in viscous flow"  has been published in Phys. Rev. E 92, 011004(R) (2015)

August 2015

Our work on "Living on the edge: transfer and traffic of E. coli in a confined flow"  has been published in Soft Matter, 11, 6284-6293

July 2015

Our work on "Single particles accelerate final stages of capillary break up"  has been published in EPL 110 (2015) 64002

April 2015

Our work on “Transport and buckling dynamics of an elastic fiber in a viscous cellular flow” has been published in J. Fluid Mech. (2015), vol. 769, pp. 387402

February 2015

Our work on “Microfluidic in situ mechanical testing of photopolymerized gels” has been published in Lab Chip, 2015, 15, 244-252DOI: 10.1039/C4LC01034E.


Welcome to the Research Group of Complex Fluid Flows

Our research topics can best be summarized as "flow of complex fluids" and cover a broad range of topics from rheology of granular or active suspensions, to adhesion of soft viscoelastic materials and more recently fluid structure interactions, microfluidics and elastic flow instabilities. Most of our experiments are performed in our microfluidics lab, equipped with recent micro-fabrication and flow control techniques. Our mainly fundamental work is completed by collaborations with a number of industrial partners.