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Anke Lindner
Professor  - Univ. Paris Diderot
Laboratoire de P
hysique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes (PMMH) 

Anke Lindner

Laboratoire PMMH


10, rue Vauquelin

75231 Paris Cedex 05


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+33 1 40 79 58 05  

+33 1 40 79 45 23 


PhD Students

Yanan Liu
(with Olivia du Roure)
Flow dynamics of actine filaments.

Jeremie Gachelin
(with Eric Clement)
Flow of active suspensions.


Robert Gurney
(with Costantino Creton)
Adhesion at short contact times.

Laura Casanellas
(with Sandra Lerouge)
Elastic flow instabilities.

Former PhD Students and PostDocs

Jonathan Pham
(with Olivia du Roure)
Exchange student from Al Crosby’s group, UMass, USA

François Tanguy
(with Costantino Creton)
Adhesifs with a gradient in viscoelasticity.

Chelsea Davis

(with Costantino Creton)
Adhesion on rough surfaces
Now at NIST, USA

Satyam Buyan
(with Costantino Creton)
Debonding of soft adhesives: the receeding contact angle

Osvanny Ramos
(with Costanino Creton)
Contact angle between a viscoelastic material and a solid substrate.

Now Assistant Professor, University of Lyon

David Martina
(with Costanino Creton)
Adhesion on patterned surfaces.

Helene Berthet
(collaboration with Schlumberger, coadvised with G. Daccord)
Flow of model suspensions in restrictions.

Now Total, France

Nawal Quennouz
(with Olivia du Roure)
Deformation and transport of an elastic fiber in a viscous flow.

Now at Yale, USA

Claire Bonnoit

(with Eric Clément)

Flow of dense suspensions.


Julia Nase

(with Costantino Creton)

Debonding of a visco-elastic material.

Now at the University of Dortmund, Germany


Angelique Deboeuf

(with Denis Bartolo)

Viscoelastic instabilities in straight channel flow.


Elie Wandersman

(with Olivia du Roure)

Deformation and transport of an elastic filament in a viscous flow.

Now Assistant Professor, UPMC, Paris


Oistein Johnsen

(with Eric Clement)

Decompaction of a confined granular material.

Now Researcher at Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Oslo, Norway

Christophe Chevalier

(with Eric Clement)

Stability of an interface between a granular suspension and a simple liquid.