Anke Lindner - CV



Fluid-structure interactions

Deformation and transport of an elastic fibre in a viscous cellular flow

(Collaboration with Olivia du Roure and Mike Shelley)

The deformation of an elastic filament is studied in the vicinity of a stagnation point. Its deformation is shown to modify its transport properties in the cellular flow.  The picture shows a rigid centimetric filament (bottom left) and a flexible filament (upper right) in the same viscous flow of counter rotating vortices.


Flow of model suspensions in restrictions

(Collaboration with Olivia du Roure and Schlumberger)

The clogging of restrictions with fiber suspensions is studied as a function of the properties of the suspended fibers. The pictures show fiber suspensions approaching a restriction in a microfluidic channel. The fibers are directly fabricated inside the microfluidic device.


Mecanisms of adhesive failure

Debonding of a visco-elastic model adhesive

(collaboration with Julia Nase and Mike Shelley)

We investigate the link between the viscoelastic properties of model materials and the adhesive performance using a controlled debonding geoetrie (a TACK-test). The pictures show the complex fingering patterns observed during debonding of visco-elastic materials. They are function of the relative importance of viscous and elastic properties of the adhesive and determine the adhesive performance. 

Debonding from surfaces with controled roughness

(collaboration Al Crosby and Costantino Creton)

As a function of the surface topology and the visco-elasticity of the material, increased or reduced adhesion can be observed when debonding from rough surfaces.


Active suspensions under flow

(collaboration with Eric Clement)

We study flow of e-coli suspensions (see picture) in microfluidic geometries to access properties as their effective viscosity or their interaction with boundaries.

Elastic flow instabilities

Elastic flow instabilities in a serpentine channel

(collaboration with Rob Poole, Manuel Alves and Sandra Lerouge)

The destabilization of flow of a viscoelastic liquid is studied in curved flow geometries. The instability onset is studied as a function of the viscoelastic properties of the fluid and the flow geometry.