The conference New Trends On Growth And Form, organized in the honour of Yves Couder, aims at spotlighting recent achievements and rising promising research directions in the field of nonlinear and out-of-equilibrium physics.

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In the last decades, this field has been tremendously successful in generating powerful concepts related to instabilities, pattern formation and spatio-temporal chaos in continuum mechanics. These concepts and methods are now widely used in fields ranging from condensed matter to geophysics. In the last few years, physicists with this background culture have spread in many different domains, which has lead to the emergence of new questions and concepts. The conference aims at gathering experienced scientists from all over the word, who contributed by their work to the successes of non-linear physics, with younger researchers working in emergent domains. The conference will focus on (i) morphogenesis and biomimetics, (ii) singularities and cross-scale problems in continuum mechanics, and (iii) out-of-equilibrium processes, as appearing in different physical and living systems. As an underlying line, the conference will show how the theory of model systems and table-top experiments can provide new concepts and ideas.



Agay, June 20-25, 2010
The conference will take place in a small village of the French Riviera in June 2010 and is organized by the GDR Méphy (GDR 3166) of the CNRS entitled Physics and Mechanics of Multi-Scale Systems.

On Growth And Form


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