PMMH at a glance

The PMMH laboratory includes between 70 and 80 people, including about forty permanent members who work essentially at the CNRS, ESPCI, University Paris VI and University Paris VII.

The research activities of PMMH are hydrodynamics, soft matter, chemical and physical biology, solid mechanics and statistical physics.

Featured story

Self-replicating cracks : a collaborative fracture mode in thin films

Des physiciens du PMMH viennent de mettre en évidence un nouveau mode de rupture d’un film mince (...)

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EPJ E Highlight - Biomimetic dew harvesters

Understanding how a desert beetle harvests water from dew could help to improve drinking water (...)

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Numerical Bifurcation Methods and their Application to Fluid Dynamics : Analysis beyond Simulation

H.A. Dijkstra, F.W. Wubs, A.K. Cliffe, E. Doedel, I.F. Dragomirescu, B. Eckhardt, A.Y. Gelfgat, A.L. Hazel, V. Lucarini, A.G. Salinger, E.T. Phipps,...


A non-local rheology for granular flows across yield conditions

M. Bouzid, M. Trulsson, P. Claudin, E. Clément and B. Andreotti, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 238301 (2013).

The rheology of dense granular flows is...


Collective motion in an active suspension of E. coli bacteria

Jeremie Gachelin, Annie Rousselet, Anke Lindner, Eric Clement, NJP, accepted 2013.

We investigate experimentally the emergence of collective motion...


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Practical information

Laboratoire : 01 40 79 45 22
Directeur : Philippe Petitjeans
Administratrice : Frédérique Auger (01 40 79 45 22)
Gestionnaire : Claudette Barez (01 40 79 58 53)
Courriel :

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