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  • Day in honor of Jose Eduardo Wesfreid March 27, 2023

    On March 27, there will be a daylong workshop in honor of Jose Eduardo Wesfreid at Sorbonne University. We will begin at 9:00 in lecture hall 25 and will end with a cocktail 18:00-20:00 in the Tour Zamansky. It is necessary to register via email (...)

  • New ! M2 Internships at PMMH

    Looking for a M2 Internship ? The 2023 proposal list is available ! Download the proposal list
  • Sand transport and geomorphology on the surface of Mars

    Reproducing sediment transport conditions on Mars, P. Claudin and co-workers show that at very low pressure, a new grain movement regime appears, compatible with the observations made on the Red Planet. More details
  • Whatever floats your boat

    Floating upside down on a levitating liquid layer ? A team from PMMH and Institut Langevin shows that this is possible ! More details
  • ELASTONICS - From the lab to the wave basin facility

    Soon in the ocean ? From the laboratory to the wave basin facility at Ifremer, wave control scales up with Antonin Eddi and Marc Fermigier. More details
  • Opening position - Assistant Professor

    Opening of an assistant professor position at Université de Paris with the following research profile : « Physics, Mechanics and Engineering of living matter ». More details here
  • PRL Editor’s suggestion - about dew condensing

    Dew condensing on an inclined, grooved surface rapidly forms large drops that roll quickly to the bottom for collection. Collecting dew could provide people with clean, fresh water in areas where it is scarce. Under the right conditions, a (...)

  • Baromorphs: pneumatic shape morphing elastomers

    Although bending a sheet of paper into a cylinder or a conical hat is quite easy, bending the same sheet in two simultaneous directions is not possible without crumples. However Nature is full of structures that are initially planar, but adopt (...)

  • Study shows glass surfaces retain memory

    A study published today has revealed that glass surfaces can retain a memory of the direction of flow of the glass in its past liquid state. This surprising conclusion is the result of a collaboration between scientists from the Optoelectronics (...)

  • Des surfaces ultra glissantes bioinspirées

    Inspirés par une plante carnivore qui capture des fourmis en les faisant glisser sur sa paroi, des scientifiques du Laboratoire PMMH (ESPCI Paris / PSL / CNRS) et du LadHyX (Ecole Polytechnique / CNRS) ont récemment étudié un nouveau type de (...)