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  • Study shows glass surfaces retain memory

    A study published today has revealed that glass surfaces can retain a memory of the direction of flow of the glass in its past liquid state. This surprising conclusion is the result of a collaboration between scientists from the Optoelectronics (...)

  • Self-replicating cracks : a collaborative fracture mode in thin films

    Des physiciens du PMMH viennent de mettre en évidence un nouveau mode de rupture d’un film mince déposé sur une surface. Lorsque cette couche craquèle tout en se décollant, les fissures forment des motifs particulièrement réguliers tels que spirales, (...)

  • PRL Editor’s suggestion - about dew condensing

    Dew condensing on an inclined, grooved surface rapidly forms large drops that roll quickly to the bottom for collection. Collecting dew could provide people with clean, fresh water in areas where it is scarce. Under the right conditions, a (...)

  • PRE Editors’ Suggestion - Physical processes causing the formation of penitentes

    P. Claudin, H. Jarry, G. Vignoles, M. Plapp, and B. Andreotti, Phys. Rev. E 92, 033015 (2015) - Snow penitentes form in sublimation conditions by differential ablation. Here we investigate the physical processes at the initial stage of penitente (...)

  • PRE Editors’ Suggestion - Prediction of frequencies in thermosolutal convection from mean flows

    S. E. Turton, L. S. Tuckerman and D. Barkley Phys. Rev. E 91, 043009 – Published 14 April 2015. Motivated by studies of the cylinder wake, in which the vortex-shedding frequency can be obtained from the mean flow, we study thermosolutal (...)

  • PRE Editor’s suggestion - Edge effects on water droplet condensation

    Marie-Gabrielle Medici, Anne Mongruel, Laurent Royon, and Daniel Beysens, Phys. Rev. E 90, 062403 (2014). In this study we investigate the effect of geometrical or thermal discontinuities on the growth of water droplets condensing on a cooled (...)

  • On the cover of PRL !

    The recent work on the Marangoni Bursting, by L. Keiser, H. Bense, P. Colinet, J. Bico and E. Reyssat, has been selected to be on the cover of Physical Review Letters. Abstract: Adjusting the wetting properties of water through the addition of a (...)

  • MiLaMiFab : Projet SESAME 2015 Région Ile de France

    MicroLab/MicroFab PI Eric Clément-PMMH The PMMH laboratory, in collaboration with two other laboratories of the ESPCI (Gulliver, SIMM), is currently managing a micro-printing platform based on the 3D printer Nanoscribe for developing mechanical (...)

  • La nature pour modèle

    Conçu au PMMH, ce micronageur artificiel, d’un diamètre d’un millimètre, reproduit les mouvements de l’anguille. Il est ici filmé (de gauche à droite) alors qu’il avance à une dizaine de centimètres par seconde. En haut et en noir, sa tête oscille sous (...)

  • Elastic swimmer in the Gallery of Fluid Motion 2013

    By Ramiro Godoy-Diana. See his research group web page.

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