PMMH at a glance

The PMMH laboratory includes between 70 and 80 people, including about forty permanent members who work essentially at the CNRS, ESPCI, University Paris VI and University Paris VII.

The research activities of PMMH are hydrodynamics, soft matter, chemical and physical biology, solid mechanics and statistical physics.

Featured story

La nature pour modèle

Conçu au PMMH, ce micronageur artificiel, d’un diamètre d’un millimètre, reproduit les mouvements de l’anguille. Il est ici filmé (de gauche à droite) alors qu’il avance à une dizaine de centimètres par seconde. En haut et en noir, sa tête oscille sous (...)

Self-replicating cracks : a collaborative fracture mode in thin films

Des physiciens du PMMH viennent de mettre en évidence un nouveau mode de rupture d’un film mince déposé sur une surface. Lorsque cette couche craquèle tout en se décollant, les fissures forment des motifs particulièrement réguliers tels que spirales, (...)

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PRE Editors’ Suggestion - Physical processes causing the formation of penitentes

P. Claudin, H. Jarry, G. Vignoles, M. Plapp, and B. Andreotti, Phys. Rev. E 92, 033015 (2015) - Snow penitentes form in sublimation conditions by differential ablation. Here we investigate the physical processes at the initial stage of penitente (...)

PRE Editors’ Suggestion - Prediction of frequencies in thermosolutal convection from mean flows

S. E. Turton, L. S. Tuckerman and D. Barkley Phys. Rev. E 91, 043009 – Published 14 April 2015. Motivated by studies of the cylinder wake, in which the vortex-shedding frequency can be obtained from the mean flow, we study thermosolutal (...)

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Book : “Heat Transfers and Related Effects in Supercritical Fluids”

by : Bernard Zappoli, Daniel Beysens, Yves Garrabos

Springer, serie : Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications 108

This book investigates the unique hydrodynamics and heat transfer
problems that are encountered in the vicinity of the critical point...


The force of impacting rain

D. Soto, A. Borel De Larivière, X. Boutillon, C. Clanet and D. Quéré, Soft Matter, 2014, 10, 4929.

Drop impacts are difficult to characterize due to their transient, non-stationary nature. We discuss the force generated during such impacts, a ...


Book : Generation and Applications of Extra-Terrestrial Environments on Earth

Daniel A. Beysens and Jack J.W. A. van Loon

This book has been prepared under the auspice of the European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA). The main task of ELGRA is to foster the scientific community in Europe and beyond in conducting...


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Practical information

Laboratory : 01 40 79 45 22
Director : Philippe Petitjeans
Administrator : Frédérique Auger (01 40 79 45 22)
Co-administrator : Claudette Barez (01 40 79 58 53)
Email : dir (arobase)

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